Debunking the recent American Airlines controversy. (tl;dr at end)

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So this video ( recently surfaced of an American airlines passenger reportedly being hit with a stroller. Sounds fucking terrible, but it's too bad to be true, and it's too soon since the UA controversy. This is an account from an actual passenger interviewed by a flight attendant (that does not fly on this route, but from New York to London) and writer for (My own summary below.) I was on this flight directly across the isle from the woman filming the video. This is what I observed: 1.) woman gets on the plane pushing a car seat type stroller with one child in it, carrying a second child on her hip and dragging behind a very large folded stroller that was too big for the overhead bin or to go under a seat. 2.) the flight attendant shown in the video approached from the back of the plane and informed her in a calm manner that there was nowhere to store the stroller. The woman immediately escalated the situation and within about 30 seconds was screaming at him at the top of her lungs. 3.) the flight attendant evidently decided she was not fit to be on the flight (in my opinion the correct decision) and started to move her and her children towards the front of the plane. 4.) when they got to the from of the plane the woman decided she was not going any further. The flight attendant picked up the stroller and lifted it over his head to try and move past the woman. As he was doing this she pushed him and the stroller fell a bit and struck her in the face. She began crying loudly and dramatically. Shortly after this is where the video begins. 5.) The first class passenger then inserts himself into the drama with his faux chivalry but clearly has no idea what has transpired in the back of the plane since he was in a window seat in the first class section of the plane and could not have viewed the incident from his seat. 6.) after another 10 minutes or so the woman exits the plane only to be returned about 5 minutes later and taken to her seat. We wait another 30-40 minutes while various flight and ground crew come and go speaking to the woman. After about 40 minutes she deplanes again this time telling all of the passengers, who are now becoming vocal in support of the flight crew, that all she wanted was an apology from the flight attendant. Evidently that's what the 40 minute delay was all about. Then we waited another 10 minutes for the ground crew to find and remove her luggage from the belly of the plane. 7.) the flight finally leaves and arrives in Dallas an hour or so late. American representatives are waiting at the gate to speak with the first class passenger who made the threats. What I heard was a very apologetic tone coming from two American employees, as if the airline had done something to upset the first class passenger. 8.) when I entered the bag claim area the first class passenger was right in front of me and as soon as he made it through the revolving door there was a camera crew waiting for him on the other side to interview him. That's about as factual of an account as I can provide and I realize there may be other parts of this story that I do not know about or did not witness. From what I saw: a.) if anyone from American should have been punished it should be the ground crew who somehow letting this woman on board with a full size stroller. The flight attendant was put in a horrible situation by a passenger that most passengers in my immediate area thought seemed unstable. She escalated the situation, not him. b.) in my opinion, the first class passenger should have been removed. Had the flight been in progress he might very well have been arrested upon landing for threatening a crew member. Additionally, he could not have seen any of the back of the plane antics of the woman based on where he was seated. c.) I agree the flight attendant may have reacted too harshly in responding to the threatening customer in first class, but his actions with the woman in question were professional throughout the ordeal. I am disappointed American has chosen to punish him. If this eyewitness source is to be believed (and I don't know about you, I'm trusting the witness more than the lady who is overreacting), the lady clearly got on with a stroller way too big for an overhead or under a seat. The flight attendant calmly informed her that it was too big to fit in the bins. She immediately escalated said situation and stated screaming at this flight attendant. (Overreaction, a little?) The flight attendant decided to kick her off (which I agree with, along with the eyewitness), and started to move them to the front of the plane, where the lady stopped. The flight attendant took the stroller and moved it over his head to get it off of the plane, and this is where the lady pushed him, causing the stroller to hit her lightly in the head. She then proceeded to bawl and cry like a 3 year old. This is where the video/gif starts. The first class passenger decides to fight on her side, with literally no idea of what went down, and this is where the gif explains itself. The lady then proceeds to get back on, and then causes a 1 hour delay, with the entire plane cheering for the flight crew. At landing, there were several American reps to talk to the passenger as if they pissed him off. The rest of that eyewitness account is mostly opinion. And to add insult to injury, the flight attendant was suspended. All over a lady playing obvious victim in order to get a lot of lawsuit money after what happened on United Airlines. I'm not saying the UA disaster was right, it was certainly wrong, but this isn't a disaster, this isn't brutality, this is someone playing victim. I do hope people see this post (and if you repost it, do you mind giving me credit? @coolstorm1O ) but hey, if it dies in Usersub, at least I tried. tl;dr lady is told her stroller is too big on american airlines flight, gets enraged, throws massive fit, and causes massive problem. EDIT: Sources changed.

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