For my fellow berkeley students

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Hi, I know someone posted this before but hear me out-- lots of people were late because of these people blocking our way to class, but there is a way around. If you go to the right past the bike racks there is a stone path area over the stream that you can walk across safely. you can also go down the left side but you have to jump a bit and its more dangerous as the sand is slippery. They do not have a right to block completely, you can block the main entrance and leave openings but this is ridiculous. as such I want you all to know there are ways of avoiding these people. You may not BLOCK people when you protest. You may protest an abortion clinic, but you may not stop people from entering completely. Also-- I am not anti protest. Make a minor inconvenience so people hear you out, absolutely. for instance protest infront and around police stations. walk around sproul plaza (this place they are now). do a sit in so the police have to stay up longer. even stand awkwardly close in a line so they can squeeze through but its weird. But do not block people from going to class. TL;DR - berkeley students-- go across a path to the right or left so you don't miss out on class when protesters do this again.

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