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Two years ago during my senior year of high school, (I'm 20 currently) I got accused of rape from someone I used to have a relationship with. For the sake of I have no idea if I talk about this and she finds out if I can get in trouble with police, let's call her Slagathor. FIRST!! Backstory Slagathor and I were in a couple of the same classes. Specifically radio classes and radio club. We were in the schools radio stations alot. I dated Slagathor my Junior year of high school and eventually broke up with her because she was too weird and clingy for me. (Slagathor's rating 4/10) [I had low standards at the time] During the time we dated, we got semi sexually active. Most we did was help each other masturbate. (No sex) After we broke up we had this hate/hate relationship going. I hated her because she was weird and wouldn't leave me alone. She hated me because I hated her and didn't want anything to do with her. After my junior year of high school we both came back to the same radio club the next year (senior year) and became mutual friends. This mutual relationship went from mutual friends to mutual friends with benefits.... during school time. (Oral sex only) What I mean is while we both had periods of aiding for the radio station together. When you aid for the radio station you are in the DJ booth and you are DJ-ing. (Watching the automation system and keeping things in line) Well that DJ booth was sound proof, hidden behind a giant shelf, and there were security cameras that had a screen display in the DJ booth to see if anyone was coming. This gave us confidence that no one would catch us. After about 2 months of getting blowjobs and licking a taco, I found a new S.O. and wanted to stop doing things with Slagathor. Either she did not like that or (and she did at the time have) her boyfriend found out about us doing things in the radio station because after christmas break, I got arrested on the first day back from christmas break. I got arrested in my first class. FIRST OFF.... let's just think about what that does to someone mentally when they get pulled out of class by two police officers and in cuffs. Needless to say in my head I WAS FREAKING THE ACTUAL FUCK OUT! I had no idea which way was up and I had no idea what the hell was going on. To top it all off people started talking about it right away. Word got around that I got arrested and I had people calling me while I was in the assistant principals office. The two officers were the school officers and they brought me to my assigned assistant principal. I was sat down in a chair and told to cooperate. I was no informed of my right to remain silent or my 5th amendment right. I was told to cooperate and did. I told them the entire truth. Everything we did, everything we were. I left no detail unspoken. After I had told them every last detail I was informed that I was being accused of rape. You read that right "AFTER" I told them. After all was said and done in the AP's office, I was taken to the school police officer's office. I was handcuffed to a table given a pen and paper and told to write everything down. So I did. I had no idea I didn't have to. I thought if I cooperated they would find out the truth quick enough and I would be fine. I was wrong. Because I wrote everything down though, the officers at the school determined, at the time, that they couldn't detain me because everything was "here say". There was no proof of anything and they knew if I talked to a lawyer at the time they would have to take everything I said and wrote down and throw it out the window because I wasn't informed of my rights and I was unlawfully interrogated. This meant I could go home. So I did. I went home not knowing what was going on. When I got home I called my parents in a panic and they immediately came home and we figured out the situation. Sadly the story doesn't just end there. For the next 4 months I was followed by police everywhere I drove. I was pulled over and told I was being pulled over on the grounds of suspicious activity so often it was disgusting. My lawyer said police wouldn't be bothering me. They wouldn't come to my house or follow my car. Yeah my lawyer was wrong. I had police officers coming to my house asking me to come with them to answer some questions very frequently. No I never went with them. Officers even went as far as going to my father's place of work and talking to my father's boss about the situation. It almost got him fired. After 4 months of no progress with the case what so ever, the police finally gave up and left me and my family alone. The worst part of the whole thing was the fact that nothing happened to Slagathor at all. Not in the slightest. She got to stay in school like a normal human being. I had to take online classes and struggled the whole time to just get my diploma. I had gone through hell and back while she got to watch the fireworks. Moral of the story.... DON'T DO IT IN A SCHOOL!! tl;dr - Accused of rape while in highschool. Went through hell and back and miraculously came out on the other side without a mark.

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