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An action movie for Imgurians.

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Every. Single. Action. Movie. Ever.

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What Disney movie is this

81,648 views in about 1 year

Just announced- one of the most painful movies you'll ever step on. Gah that didn't make any sense. LEGO. LEGO Movie, everybody.

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MRA I watch a horror movie at night or watch a horror movie preview with all the lights off

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When you realize that new movie gif trends on imgur correspond directly to recently added movies on Netflix.

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Need Suggestions for a good movie...any kind, possibly some anime types. i feel like ive watched every movie made.

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Best way to describe Theaters not releasing The Interview movie and Sony canceling the movie because of North Korea

2,221 views in about 5 years

MRW the movie has already started but I can't find my friends in the movie theater because I was stuck at the popcorn line

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