Dance gifs

When you hit the dance floor too hard

219,112 views in 7 months

Dance fight!

214,189 views in 9 months

Kid has the best dance moves.

192,798 views in 11 months

Styrofoam dancing to sound waves

183,297 views in 9 months

Woman Stranded Overnight at The Charlotte Airport Gets Staff and Passengers to Make a Dance Video with Her

176,094 views in 7 months

Dancing wirehead guy, some kind of fly LNI

172,590 views in 4 months

Iranian girls respond to an assertion by a Parliamentarian that dancing be forbidden for girls

172,393 views in 6 months

Tiny pug happy food dance

171,545 views in 12 months

 Bizarre Saturday Night Live skit of Donald Trump dressed in yellow suit surrounded by dancing chickens resurfaces

163,724 views in 4 months

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