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A total sheep shot.

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When a bachelorette party ordered pizza about 5 drinks ago and they hear the doorbell ring.

870,130 views in 10 months

Son reunites with dad at the airport after a week-long holiday.

839,766 views in 6 months

When you just can’t believe that you’re seeing TWO of Mommy.

786,006 views in about 2 months

MRW I start seeing someone new and I accidentally like one of their Instagram pictures from more than a year ago

730,973 views in 9 months

Introducing a foster kitten to a mama who recently gave birth.

698,113 views in 20 days

Fan fails to take a selfie with Keanu Reeves, but he's kind enough to give her a second chance.

677,432 views in 19 days


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Smart girl understands currents.

624,591 views in 19 days

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