Dance gifs

Afghan Boy dancing after receiving a prosthetic leg

128,989 views in 9 months

Ballerina dances on Virtualizer Omnidirectional Virtual Reality Treadmill!

124,382 views in 11 months

When you're ready to boot scoot on out of work on Friday.

116,338 views in 10 months

Dog dance off.

115,684 views in 8 months

Brutus does a special kind of happy dance when he gets a treat.

114,374 views in 6 months

"So excited to see you... see this is my happy dance!"

111,765 views in 10 months

Dance dance birbolution.

111,630 views in 10 months

The bestest girl

110,774 views in 5 months

Dancing with a porcupine.

110,064 views in 6 months

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