Reaction gifs

MRW my friend asks if I've named my gourmet lollipop store

613,586 views in 6 days

MRW my weed dealer starts selling by the gram instead of the ounce.

609,536 views in 4 months

Not just one pick, but two.

598,844 views in 5 months

When life hits you hard, bite down on it and never let go.

596,941 views in 5 months

Deaf man finds out he's going to be a father.

573,083 views in 5 months

Enjoying life at Freedom Farm Sanctuary

572,815 views in 10 months

Brother comforts his sister after her trip to the vet.

567,192 views in 10 months

"Keep 'em coming!"

565,682 views in 10 months

I too enjoy seasoning my food with just a dash of demon.

563,102 views in 7 months

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