Reaction gifs

Deaf man finds out he's going to be a father.

573,083 views in 10 months

Wonder who is enjoying the movie more.

558,255 views in 10 months

George Bush sneaks Michelle Obama a piece of candy at his father's funeral.

552,814 views in 11 months

Challenging a monk to a sparring match.

546,491 views in 10 months

When you're late for yoga class.

541,102 views in 10 months

When you finally get invited to the party.

536,752 views in 10 months

Greatest bad guy death scene in movie history.

529,988 views in 12 months

Bulgarian police uses pepper spray on protestors in front of the parliament. They forget to take the wind into account.

529,925 views in 8 months

For when they just don't get it.

487,754 views in 5 months

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