Reaction gifs

When you don't understand why your new friends won't pet you.

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Gorilla runs for cover from the rain.

614,122 views in 9 months

"Thank you for the food."

613,826 views in 20 days

My SO's face when I try to sexy talkĀ 

610,175 views in 12 months

MRW my weed dealer starts selling by the gram instead of the ounce.

609,536 views in 13 days

Not just one pick, but two.

598,844 views in 20 days

When life hits you hard, bite down on it and never let go.

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Deaf man finds out he's going to be a father.

573,083 views in 19 days

Enjoying life at Freedom Farm Sanctuary

572,815 views in 6 months

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