xray gifs

They need to hurry up with these x-ray goggles thingies

993 views in almost 6 years

X-ray simulation of how a python can kill a human.

7,626 views in about 3 years

The X-ray kill camera still looks so satisfying

3,934 views in almost 5 years

slow motion x-ray footage of bullet through suppressor

43,814 views in about 5 years

An X-ray image of a person drinking water. I cant stop looking at it...

669 views in over 6 years

Water droplets vaporized by world's most powerful X-ray laser.

16,117 views in over 3 years

X-Ray Kiss

5,026 views in over 5 years

X-Ray toons by Chris Panda

1,422 views in about 6 years

X-Ray at its finest

3,051 views in almost 4 years

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