Dance gifs

Woman Stranded Overnight at The Charlotte Airport Gets Staff and Passengers to Make a Dance Video with Her

176,094 views in 2 months

I love when people fail at this stupid challenge.

173,809 views in 11 months

Iranian girls respond to an assertion by a Parliamentarian that dancing be forbidden for girls

172,393 views in about 1 month

Tiny pug happy food dance

171,545 views in 7 months

Lindsey Stirling

165,296 views in 9 months

When your incredible stupidity is matched by someone else's perfect skills

162,848 views in 8 months

Boy dances along to Thriller

157,332 views in 10 months

Can you move back just a bit, I want to get a picture of you dancing......perfect

153,800 views in 10 months

Debonair Dinner Dance

153,192 views in 8 months

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