Dance gifs

A 94 year old grandpa dances along to his Santa.

149,531 views in 9 months

BEHOLD, the greatest commercial of all time

144,122 views in 4 months

Fight to the End - My buddy Trevaill ChaconĀ 

142,878 views in 5 months

The level of this guys discomfort.

138,760 views in 7 months

A preview of Stranger Things Season 3

134,615 views in 12 months

I can't dance but I can do this...

131,103 views in 4 months

Afghan Boy dancing after receiving a prosthetic leg

128,989 views in 4 months

When i walk in on my sister dancingĀ 

126,938 views in 9 months

You can dance if you want to

126,644 views in 9 months

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