Dance gifs

Police officer asked young girl to dance.

182,449 views in 10 months

Big cat dance moves

181,388 views in 8 months

As the female watches, the Bird of Paradise begins to woo his potential mate by staging a very spectacular dance.

180,740 views in 8 months

the peculiar lunchtime dance

177,961 views in 7 months

Woman Stranded Overnight at The Charlotte Airport Gets Staff and Passengers to Make a Dance Video with Her

176,094 views in 6 days

Happy international dance day! 

174,918 views in 12 months

I love when people fail at this stupid challenge.

173,809 views in 9 months

Tiny pug happy food dance

171,545 views in 5 months

dancing with a beluga

167,667 views in 12 months

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