Funny gifs

Ludgate-Dwyer Marital Advice

1,199,408 views in 11 months

Having fun in rush hour traffic. 

1,189,946 views in 10 months

Talgat Zhailauov has a rough time exiting the penalty box

1,180,137 views in 9 months

"I hate everyone but you."

1,166,099 views in 12 months

Dad Jokes with Kratos

1,160,162 views in 10 months

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

1,153,904 views in 11 months

Watch out for wet paint.

1,126,550 views in 7 months

The funniest improvised line on Parks and Rec

1,123,864 views in 9 months

Jerry never ceases to surprise.

1,120,877 views in 9 months

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