Happy Birthday gifs

@AmazingPhil have this dog gif to make up for the fake happy birthday dog

@BTS_twt HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNG HOSEOK, awww i really like this gif, it makes me feel happy

@nbcbrooklyn99 @chelseaperetti Happy birthday Chelsea! (Did I get this GIF business right?)

Missed the gif and the hashtag hbdtowonho to many more happy birthdays my baby

missed the gif and the hashtag ;;;; #HBDtoWONHO to many more happy birthdays my baby

Happy birthday, @Finding_Dylan! I hope you have as much fun today as Groot’s having in this gif!

@sacha_coward Oh and happy birthday, have perhaps the happiest harambe gif

if you see this tweet you MUST reply saying “happy birthday tom holland” and adding a pic or gif of him!!

@Pacers @ClutchREED_5 Happy Birthday Here's a cute puppy gif to make you smile!!!

Happy birthday to my favorite Warriors superfan and GIF Master! @WGSKekoa

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