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Bulgarian police uses pepper spray on protestors in front of the parliament. They forget to take the wind into account.

529,925 views in 6 months

For when they just don't get it.

487,754 views in 3 months

10 Year Challenge.

481,778 views in 8 months

Respectful patience.

480,020 views in 8 months

The Food Dance

478,713 views in 12 months

Baby goats are too pure for this world.

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This is the way that baby chimps show their human caregivers that they want to be groomed.

471,961 views in 8 months

Still a better love story than Twilight?

453,410 views in 11 months

"Bitch i'm still fab-u-lous!"

445,382 views in 8 months

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