SMH gifs

never forget this iconic gif smh luhan what r u doin #HappyLuhanDay

Smh @ everyone on the internet talking about the Kardashian’s and not taking advantage of this gif

New trending GIF tagged smh, bartender, groundhog day ( )

smh why is this gif as boring as me

Rene rico wrong gif smh should have responded with

@rene_rico Wrong gif smh should have responded with

#MyMentalHealthIs based on this gif. Smh... #okurrr #girlsfromstudio20

SMH To much COD

MRW I find out what "MRW" stands for. smh. Lol. Ttyl brb

9 views in about 4 years

Something from this GIF was missing in the film smh #InfityWar

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