Dance gifs

Fallsberry Flop.

109,862 views in 5 months

Do the Carlton! One of my favorite dances.

104,329 views in 7 months

"Everyone from Bear Island dances with the agility of ten mainlanders."

96,647 views in 6 months

Dance like everyone is watching.

96,508 views in 5 months

"Dance off bro, me and you!"

93,481 views in 10 months

Dont know why, but I have a compelling urge to see Terry Crews dance in the middle of the street as a traffic cop

93,472 views in 10 months

Dreaming of the day she is a full size potato.

92,033 views in 4 months

Proud father defends his Down's Syndrome daughter, 16, after vile football fans mock clip of her dancing at Spurs game.

91,203 views in 7 months

Dad went straight from work to “dance with your daughter” night at the ballet studio.

88,221 views in 4 months

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