Dance gifs

Tribal Belly Dance--Habibi Lal

151,647 views in 10 months

A 94 year old grandpa dances along to his Santa.

149,531 views in 6 months

Move over Xena

148,227 views in 10 months

Buster Keaton's dance routine in The Cook is now a century old, but still pretty fresh

145,953 views in 9 months

The fish slapping dance.

144,318 views in 10 months

BEHOLD, the greatest commercial of all time

144,122 views in 24 days

Fight to the End - My buddy Trevaill ChaconĀ 

142,878 views in about 2 months

"So excited to see you... see this is my happy dance!"

139,403 views in 12 months

The level of this guys discomfort.

138,760 views in 3 months

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