Happy Birthday gifs

@NHLFlyers No one cares. Here’s a gif of Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles. Happy Birthday to him.

@KatBarrell @emtothea You CAN find a gif for anything! Happy Birthday Unicorn Wishes!

Happy Birthday to Steve Irwin, who gifted us with a joyful love of wildlife and this treasure of a .gif #GoGators

Happy Birthday @MissRBaller May it be as awesome as this gif if Darth Vader dancing.

@chaerist fvjhfgju the use of this gif anyways HAPP BIRTHDAY!!

Happy Birthday Tommy! Here’s a gif of Aaron Rodgers for your amusement @The_Vernomatic

@Gazza_N @Sismrnoth Happy birthday Gazza! Hope you had an awesome day and just for you a random gif of randomness

@nightskyseavey The most sexiest gif EVER. Here you go Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Happy birthday big man.

happy birthday tony stark, this is the only gif ever.

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