Fail gifs


136,708 views in 11 months

Patience is a virtue

136,042 views in 9 months

Just wait for it...

135,759 views in 8 months

The Bad and the Clueless, Dimwit Drift

135,634 views in 5 months

I'm gonna just hop on the bus as it rolls past

135,283 views in 9 months

Feat of Skill and Coordination

134,413 views in 7 months

Man tries to punch 7-Eleven clerk, and fails miserably

130,987 views in 5 months

When the gun fights back

129,753 views in 8 months

"Where tf did I leave my brain? Oh, nevermind."  -That idiot, probably.

128,581 views in 11 months

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