kids gifs

Little brother's reaction after trying card games and realizing this is what older people played as kids..

918 views in over 3 years

How it felt being the soccer coach for 5 y/o kids.

15 views in over 5 years

That one semester you tried to re-invent yourself as one of the cool kids.

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For those User Sub viewers who don't view reddit front page - How to play with your kids

1,355 views in almost 5 years

MRW my friend tells me Pokemon is for little kids

5,524 views in over 3 years

Behind the scenes of a one shot scene from the TV show Kidding

197,663 views in about 1 year

get your ass over there and wait, I'm saving your damn kid

20,914 views in over 1 year

Parenting is hard when you have a naughty kid.

149,583 views in 12 months

People stop another guy taking a shirt meant for a kid.

115,607 views in 9 months

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