Happy Birthday gifs

@Danika_Stone Happy birthday gif wizard

Happy birthday @417nick (sorry, it’s really hard to find a Halloween birthday gif lol)

happy birthday king @Winston_Duke, keep being what lady gaga means in this gif, love you so muchhhh

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla ! (1856) by Margarita GARCIAALONSO 2015 #marga #GIF

@jvberg Taking advantage of one tweet/gif to convey two messages: Happy Birthday / Kawhi Leonard!

Happy birthday to fellow Country Bears enthusiast and friend @SkyyTweet enjoy a fine GIF on your day.

Happy Birthday @KenHerron - 1st Gif that turned up, racing for the airport. LOVE, Te.

Happy birthday @Madonna

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA! (gif version) #BrightestStarLisaDay #BLACKPINK

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