dance gifs

Sam rockwell dancing on jimmy fallon

Sam Rockwell dancing on Jimmy Fallon

149,221 views in over 9 years

Live to dance faceplant

Live to Dance faceplant

132,682 views in almost 9 years

Girl spinning on dancing pole

Girl spinning on dancing pole

67,430 views in about 4 years

Dance with me Imgur!

2,568 views in almost 5 years

Happy dance

2,388 views in about 4 years

Hacking up the dance floor

115,896 views in over 2 years



Toby Froud (the baby from Labyrinth starring David Bowie) dancing Dance Magic Dance with his own puppets. So adorable!

17,540 views in over 3 years

You can dance if you want to Because all your friends have died Cause your friends can't dance and since they don't dance Well they're probably not alive.

490,690 views in about 4 years

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