Fail gifs

Would you like a shrimp?  Why yes.... *OOOF*

98,821 views in 10 months

Going through life like

95,889 views in 5 months

I know what I'm doing.

93,737 views in 12 months

Repost fail

90,750 views in 9 months

There was an attempt... 

89,434 views in 12 months

Once again, Carl fails miserably at fitting in with the group.

88,301 views in 7 months

Efficient giant icicle removal

88,049 views in 10 months

Slip N'Slide Is Old Stuff. Long Live Slide N'Crash !

86,506 views in 9 months

I'll just get a quick workout in while you pinch a loaf

85,810 views in 10 months

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