Dance gifs

Dad came straight from work to Bring Dads To Dance Night

985,824 views in 11 months

What vets do behind closed doors

554,980 views in 4 months

The Food Dance

478,713 views in 5 months

Mexican TV show host's sidekick has cocaine fall out of his pocket while dancing.

474,742 views in 10 months

smooth! - this kid got some dancing skills

408,011 views in 10 months

Pole dancing coach 

399,964 views in 11 months

this teacher was dancing with MC HAMMER, made a cool dance performance

360,771 views in 11 months

Woah dude, save some for the rest of us

340,501 views in 9 months

Dance like nobody's watching

326,244 views in 12 months

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