Dance gifs

Dad came straight from work to Bring Dads To Dance Night

985,824 views in 7 months

That Friday Feeling

635,987 views in 9 months

What vets do behind closed doors

554,980 views in 14 days

Football players found out their coach used to dance for M.C. Hammer, made him do the dance at practice.

547,350 views in 12 months

Let's dance..

498,256 views in 9 months

The Food Dance

478,713 views in about 1 month

Mexican TV show host's sidekick has cocaine fall out of his pocket while dancing.

474,742 views in 6 months

smooth! - this kid got some dancing skills

408,011 views in 6 months

Pole dancing coach 

399,964 views in 8 months

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