Funny gifs

Smart boi

3,902,041 views in about 1 month

Snow idea why I did that.

2,844,703 views in 12 months

Your patience shall be rewarded, in the meanwhile get some hot water.

2,582,889 views in 8 months

much harder than a strike

2,498,053 views in 6 months

"Guess I'm still carrying a little holiday weight."

2,485,802 views in 12 months

Sleepy London woman snuggles up to total stranger

2,135,759 views in 11 months

Releasing a spider back outside

2,059,721 views in 6 months

"Why did you trick me, human ?"

2,015,478 views in 12 months

The Wall

1,884,163 views in 22 days

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