Happy Birthday gifs

Tim Curry is 73 as of the 19th.  

280,821 views in 9 months

Happy birthday Nathan Fillion

249,494 views in 10 months

Two kids perform the Star Wars main title outside John Williams's home. He comes out and greets them.

226,364 views in 11 months

When you are good at reading a bedtime story

207,872 views in 11 months

Two waitresses say 'Happy birthday' to a hearing-impaired four-year-old in sign language

124,305 views in 11 months

When the Imgur office sees all the happy birthday posts

96,440 views in 11 months

Happy birthday!

91,731 views in 9 months


70,991 views in 8 months

Happy 51st Birthday to Terry Crews!

42,943 views in 6 months

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