Happy Birthday gifs

Happy Birthday, Buzz!

329,955 views in 9 months

Happy Birthday to The One, The Only, The Irreplaceable; Freddie Mercury

285,023 views in about 2 months

Birthday gif for a fellow imgurian.

238,083 views in 4 months

Everyone's favorite Kung Fu Master turns 54 today.

219,459 views in about 2 months

Two waitresses say 'Happy birthday' to a hearing-impaired four-year-old in sign language.

144,006 views in about 2 months

Happy 78th Birthday Sir Patrick Stewart.

116,738 views in 3 months

Happy Birthday!

115,303 views in 5 months

Remembering Halo 3..

110,386 views in 27 days

Cat's signature move gets used against him.

102,506 views in 28 days

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