Happy Birthday gifs

Tim Curry is 73 as of the 19th.  

280,821 views in 7 months

Happy birthday Nathan Fillion

249,494 views in 8 months

Two kids perform the Star Wars main title outside John Williams's home. He comes out and greets them.

226,364 views in 9 months

When you are good at reading a bedtime story

207,872 views in 9 months

Two waitresses say 'Happy birthday' to a hearing-impaired four-year-old in sign language

124,305 views in 9 months

When the Imgur office sees all the happy birthday posts

96,440 views in 9 months

Happy birthday!

91,731 views in 7 months


70,991 views in 6 months

MRW I find out it's @sarah's birthday.

68,131 views in 11 months

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