Reaction gifs

When people start arguing with and insulting each other in the comments

1,200,272 views in 9 months

What a legend.

1,045,430 views in 9 months

Motivating the team.

1,014,261 views in 9 months

MRW my wife says we'll have to go out to eat for dinner until someone washes the dishes

973,744 views in 7 months

British politics at their finest.

920,996 views in 9 months

A total sheep shot.

870,554 views in 9 months

When you just can’t believe that you’re seeing TWO of Mommy.

786,006 views in 10 months

Introducing a foster kitten to a mama who recently gave birth.

698,113 views in 9 months

My reaction when I take a trip to the Hoover Dam and the temperature breaks 100°

688,907 views in 4 months

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