arthritis gifs

Dog with arthritis gets new elevator.

168,530 views in over 1 year

Elevator for a dog with Arthritis

122,820 views in over 1 year

My dog is starting to show the first signs of arthritis

2,491 views in about 4 years

Teacher: "Cracking your fingers/toes/wrists/neck/whatever will give you arthritis."

3,003 views in almost 5 years

Owner built a bus lift for her dog who has trouble using the stairs due to his arthritis.

17,694 views in 5 months

A routine trip to the vet found my dog has a tumour in his stomach and my cat has arthritis.

496 views in about 6 years

I miss my boxer Tyson.

1,500 views in almost 3 years

MRW i can feel a sneeze coming (but it never does)

37 views in almost 5 years

MRW a friend tells me she doesn't need to walk. She's in America. (EDITED)

1,669 views in over 4 years

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