aww gifs

Aww Aww Aww

199,321 views in over 2 years

You think the aww has no power over you because you have seen so many aww's....but the aww still gets you...the aww always wins.

4,669 views in over 5 years

AWW, huge AWW

132,911 views in over 1 year

Pure "aww"ness

177,900 views in over 2 years

Aww yea

Aww Yea

Aww Yiss...

Aww Yiss Intensifies.

2,599 views in almost 3 years

Aww Yiss! Cuddle time

14,825 views in almost 5 years

Aww yiss motha fucken belly rubs!

34,180 views in over 4 years

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