baby goats gifs

TIL Baby goats wag their tails when happy

8,230 views in almost 4 years

imgur needs more baby goats, especially goats in pajamas

6,616 views in almost 4 years

Baby goat wants bacon!

21,197 views in almost 3 years

Baby pygmy goat on a staircase

27,545 views in about 4 years

Baby rhino thinks he can just goat around, does admiral job of goating

3,126 views in over 4 years

Need for baby goat army intensifies...

3,474 views in about 5 years

Baby goats make adorable assholes

24,054 views in over 5 years

Baby goats are assholes.

28,010 views in over 4 years

Baby goat parkour

158,583 views in 12 months

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