bear gifs

Dammit Bear Bear Bear..You're doing it wrong.

2,478 views in almost 4 years

Mama polar bear saves baby polar bear from drowning

227,216 views in over 3 years

Let the bears pay the bear tax!

7,301 views in over 3 years

Mama Bear Rescued Her Baby Bear From a Tree

4,872 views in over 3 years

Polar bear attack

Polar bear attack

941,536 views in about 10 years

Cute bear attack

Cute bear attack

381,623 views in over 7 years

Suddenly, bears

8,705,073 views in about 4 years

Night blossoms (Polar Bear's Cafe)

14,306 views in about 3 years

Teddy bear, teddy bear

5,866 views in over 3 years

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