because i got high gifs

When i get called to perform but it is supposed to be my day off so i got high as fuck, but i still go because i need money

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Afroman Punches girl on stage

39,657 views in over 4 years

Afroman loses his shit.

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Giving myself a self high five because I been so productive in the last 3 hours and got over a major work hurdle.

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No feelgood story about how I just beat cancer or got a job. Just a high-five because they're awesome.

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Afroman laid this woman out on stage, because he got high

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I got checked out today when doing down stairs

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Got turned down for a better job, got a "raise" that was more like an insult, and I broke both my wrists falling from a ladder.

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So I just found out that whales drink milk from their mothers.

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