blindside gifs

Referee gets nailed from blindside hit

2,747 views in about 4 years

Teacher blindsiding 4 year old special needs student

29,037 views in almost 4 years

Dog goes for the blindside tackle

10,484 views in about 4 years

MRW my gf blindsides me by breaking up with me out of the blue

2,281 views in about 5 years

#BasketballWives they blindsided my boo @EvelynLozada with the bull shit had her looking like a muthafu*kin gif!!!

Gif of Locky, Tessa and Ziggy (in that order) once Henry is blindsided #SurvivorAU

MRW some is planning to blindside me but I see every move the bitch is making as they play it out...

2,058 views in about 5 years

Ramses gonna be blindsided just like his ride or die Jillian was. Going to have a Ramses gif soon #bb19

That was an EPIC #blindside & we got our new favorite gif #survivor @survivorcbs @jrusshaw #DavidvsGoliath #EpicAlec

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