dirk gifs

LA Clippers coach Doc Rivers takes timeout so fans can show respect to Dirk Nowitzki

244,250 views in 8 months

I personally enjoyed the Steph to Dirk Slam

40,194 views in over 4 years

Dirk forgetting how legs work

772,102 views in almost 5 years

In honor of Dirk day share your favorite Dirk gif or memory. #MFFL #NBATwitter

Dirk-shirt girl attempts half-court shot for a 65 inch 4K TV. Dirk approves. 

54,267 views in over 2 years

Dirk Nowitzki is my favorite player for many reasons

634 views in almost 5 years

Dirk fadeaway on Wade

11,526 views in over 4 years

Dirk Nowitzki soccer dive

2,030 views in over 5 years

Dirk Nowitzki Jumpshot

4,304 views in about 6 years

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