dont cry gifs

don't cry  please 

51,501 views in over 1 year

Aw, don't cry, Evan Peters.

2,784 views in almost 7 years

MRW i cry but i dont know why.

2,514 views in almost 4 years

Don't cry, boy, you are not alone!

472,021 views in about 4 years

Don't cry for me, I'm already dead

2,901 views in over 3 years

You cried over Mufasa? You don't know heartbreak...

5,072 views in about 5 years

Don't cry over spilt tomato sauce.

855 views in almost 6 years

Why don t you cry about it

Why don’t you cry about it?

Don't cry Barry, you can sit with us

2,167 views in over 5 years

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