door gifs

MRW the door rings, after I ordered food

1,937 views in almost 5 years

Dealing with door-to-door salespeople

9,731 views in almost 4 years

Special forces door break fail

Special forces door break fail

134,681 views in almost 8 years

Door chain fail weird al yankovic

Door chain fail - Weird Al Yankovic

29,631 views in about 5 years

Rule. Lock The Door Rule. LOCK the door. Rule. LOCK THE DOOR!

7,301 views in about 3 years

Obama kicks door open

Obama kicks door open

1,318,358 views in over 8 years

Police door opening fail

Police door opening fail

150,136 views in about 8 years

Door breach fail

13,696 views in almost 4 years

GTA V door issues

125,042 views in about 4 years

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