elephants gifs

Mommy elephant cleaning boogers from baby elephant's trunk

1,216 views in over 5 years

Elephants Discover Elephant Bones

312,119 views in over 3 years

Jimmy Kimmel Makes Elephant's Toothpaste

1,474 views in almost 6 years

Elephants rush to rescue baby elephant that fell in pool

69,414 views in over 2 years

Elephant's running wearing baby shoes

8,659 views in about 4 years

Baby Elephant, Yindee Gets a Shower at Elephant Nature Park Thailand

7,432 views in over 3 years

An elephant drawing another elephant with a tablet

3,930 views in over 6 years

Elephant painting an elephant

5,336 views in almost 5 years

Mommy elephant helps little elephant puppy get out of the tub.

1,106 views in over 5 years

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