faker gifs

Faker's Entrance

2,935 views in over 3 years

Fakers gonna say its hate

604,580 views in about 1 year

When J Cole Said "Niggas is faker than anime"

10,044 views in over 4 years

Faker: "Aw shucks, Blank!"

126,973 views in about 3 years

Faker-senpai stahp

2,034 views in over 3 years

Gif do Faker adaptado para zuar a Alemanha #WorldCup

Life and Death - Music Video by Chet Faker - and my first post :)

3,993 views in about 5 years

Faker Senpai says Hi!

43,715 views in over 5 years

"Bjerg Better than Faker"

2,302 views in over 3 years

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