girlfriend wins gifs

Boyfriend dumps me to win back his ex girlfriend. Ex girlfriend calls hims an asshole for dumping me.

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Winning a fight with your girlfriend or wife is like winning a vacation to Detroit. Don't get too excited…

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winning a fight with your girlfriend when she's having her period.

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MRW my girlfriend said the new annie remake will win several Oscars including best picture

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"Hey, Hot Pockets. Win something for your girlfriend?"

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MRW my roommate/best bud gets a new job, new girlfriend and wins a free car giveaway all in a week....

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My girlfriend just finished season 1 of Game of Thrones. After all the backstabbing families she now wants these guys to win.

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MRW my friend with benefits becomes my girlfriend, who was also my highschool crush

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Making an easy win dinner for my gf who plays League

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