hdgif gifs

how HD gifs are made

945,084 views in almost 3 years

Got bored made a hd gif of the Earth Enjoy

1,288 views in over 5 years

The Flash HD GIF at 60fps

116,804 views in about 2 years

Extra HD gif of  The Joker clapping, because why not?

127,783 views in over 1 year

I heard imgur likes HD .gifs with perfect loops.

3,049 views in about 6 years

With all these super HD gifs floating around

2,783 views in over 3 years

I felt it was important a HD gif. of this existed, so I made one.

3,366 views in over 4 years

beautiful hd gif of saving private Ryan

160,615 views in over 4 years

Have a HD gif of toothless because my gecko just laid eggs

11,448 views in over 4 years

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