its just a joke gifs

MRW I take a stroll to enjoy my while male privlege...

3,293 views in almost 4 years

MRW the popular kids in school decide to start bullying me

29,120 views in over 3 years

mrw i comment "show butthole" and someone takes it seriously and downvotes it

4,332 views in about 3 years

It was just a joke

It was just a joke

It was just a joke! Please! I'm sorry!

MRW my friend tells a terrible joke about football and I just don't get it

6,148 views in over 3 years

There's a really obvious cock/pussy joke in here, but I just can't seem to finger it.

1,480 views in over 5 years

There's A Dark Knight Rises Joke In There Somewhere. I'm Just Not Clever Enough To Find It.

1,182 views in almost 6 years

When someone repeats a joke you just said and they get the credit for it

2,404 views in over 4 years

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