jack bauer gifs

Jack bauer shooting

Jack Bauer shooting

136,086 views in almost 11 years

Jack Bauer doing air-guitar

4,383 views in over 4 years

Aw yes mother fuckin' Jack Bauer

1,251 views in over 5 years

How I feel about the TV show 24

2,860 views in over 4 years

Kiefer Sutherland's reaction to Fox execs' announcement that they may bring back 24 without him.

4,163 views in over 4 years

MRW I want a midnight snack, but find that the fridge is empty

2,134 views in about 4 years

MRW cats can't even get me to the FP

11 views in about 4 years

When I come home from the bar at night and all the lights are off...

4,132 views in almost 5 years

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