my legs gifs

What me legs say to my brain after leg day.

What I tell my legs during leg day...

1,087 views in over 5 years

This morning I tried to put both my legs through the same leg-hole in my sweatpants.

7,656 views in over 4 years

Running late for work and my leg's fallen asleep.

1,135 views in about 6 years

Today was leg day. Can't feel my legs anymore.

11,649 views in over 3 years

After leg day. What I hope my legs would say if they could talk.

1,068 views in over 5 years

MFW I tried to do a hotdog or legs picture but my legs aren't thin enough

9 views in over 5 years

Shaving my legs in a hurry...

2,498 views in almost 4 years

MRW my legs fall asleep

8,038 views in about 6 years

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