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Current not true governor romney the debate thus far in one gif face to face

current:“Not true, Governor Romney” - the debate thus far, in one gif.Face to face.

When someone tells me they're not interested in True Detective Season 2

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It's true. Honey Badger really does not give a single fuck.

1,263,828 views in over 4 years

When your dream of the FP comes true but it's not with OC

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You kids and your Bill Nyes, not knowing the true king of science

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You're Not a True 'Murican Until You've Cooked Bacon With the Hot Barrel of a Gun

105,117 views in over 2 years

After watching the first episode of True Detectives season 2. (Not a spoiler)

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Yes it s true i do scream like banshee but i m not one

“Yes, it’s true, I do scream like banshee but I’m not one.”

True Inspiration

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