patient gifs

MRW I forget which hose goes in the patient's mouth

4,159 views in about 4 years

Patient's reaction to getting a catheter put in

4,113 views in about 5 years

MRW patient A tells me it is unfair that patient B is going to surgery first stating "even if patient B is bleeding out I was here first"

2,583 views in over 4 years

Artist : ANDREA UCINI - About patient’s suicide / Animation : JOEL REMY GIF

Patiently waiting your turn.

136,105 views in almost 2 years

Helping out his less patient friend

3,314 views in over 3 years

One patient moose

4,559 views in over 3 years

Probably the most patient cat

126,206 views in almost 2 years

Patient's reaction to waking up with a catheter being put in.

26 views in almost 5 years

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