puffin gifs

Puffins, Puffins everywhere.

Puffin pair "billing" to restore their bond

218,102 views in 6 months

MRW I see an unpopular opinion puffin that I agree with.

4,422 views in about 4 years

Unpopular Opinion Puffin (without the puffin)

34,318 views in over 3 years

TL;DR for every puffin post.

2,099 views in about 5 years

Puffin bothering me at work

70,527 views in over 4 years

MRW When people use Unpopular opinion puffin and post a popular opinion with it

7,048 views in almost 4 years

Unpopular Puffin? NIiiice. Confession Bear! Awesoome.

Here, boobs, cats, unpopular opinion puffin, wieght loss, anything that could get me on the front page

3,001 views in over 5 years

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