sheeeet gifs

Whatchu lookin at? Aw sheeeet

2,093 views in over 4 years

amazing accuracy. 100%

7,333 views in over 4 years

Anna's youngest fan - cute girl just can't wait to meet Anna and when she meets her...

1,974 views in about 3 years

Maisie becomes a victim of military brutality as she meets the Queen

16,842 views in about 4 years

MRW my older sister tells me that she does not put underwear when goes out to clubs to make it easier if she meets a random guy

851,155 views in over 3 years

Play it Cool... Sheeeit

277,361 views in over 3 years

Mixing aluminium with mercury.... ooohh shieeet!

118,503 views in almost 2 years

Yo gimme da sheeet!

1,000 views in over 5 years



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