shithead gifs

shithead kids. still gotta love em.

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"oh I will kick your ass you spawn camping shit head" -grandpa

1,327 views in almost 5 years

Plane version of wearing socks on the carpet and shocking your shithead little brother.

2,885 views in almost 4 years

now thats bringing shithead to a whole new level

5,003 views in over 4 years

MRW when I'm at an 80s party and the shithead next to me took my cocaine

425,266 views in about 3 years

MRW my little brother and his shit head friends challenge me to Mario Kart and are talking shit before the first race.

8,460 views in over 4 years

Yoohoo shitheads. I just found a bag of fireworks in the men's restroom. Would you guys like to light them off?

5,090 views in almost 3 years

MRW I quit my job without notice because my boss is a shithead, interview and get hired the same day.

2,888 views in over 4 years

MRW I'm eating lunch and some shitheads decide to start playing shitty music about sucking dick in the speakers that are not the be used during lunch

30 views in over 4 years

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