so smart gifs

I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T

3,032 views in almost 4 years

Not so smart phones

2,199 views in almost 5 years

Your so smart, well take this!!!

659 views in about 5 years

Dogs are so smart.

97,333 views in almost 3 years

Not so smart phone

272 views in almost 6 years

Hide & seek, she's not too smart but so adorable.

131,192 views in over 2 years

She's 2 and so smart lol

5,024 views in over 3 years

Finnish men are so smart... The Dudesons.

1,742 views in over 5 years

my not so smart cat

2,189,389 views in about 2 years

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